How To Choose A Coffee Machine

choose a coffee machine which coffee machine to buy

Things To Consider When Choosing A Coffee Machine

Deciding which coffee machine to buy can be complicated. There are more ways to make coffee than you might realize, and with so many makes and models available to choose from choosing a coffee machine can be daunting. This guide will hopefully help to point you in the right direction and show you how to choose a coffee machine that will best suits your needs.

The first thing you need to is decide what you really want to get out of your coffee machine. For example, will you be using it at home, or is it a machine for the whole office to use? Will it just be one or two people using it, or will it be two dozen? Will you need many drink options, or just a simple espresso machine? Considering these points first will help you find your ideal machine.

Recently we’ve been seeing people buying the wrong machines for their office, choosing a domestic machine that isn’t suitable for their needs, or a machine that is too large to fit in their office kitchen. It’s important to keep these points in mind when buying an office coffee machine.

It’s also important to know what services your coffee machine provider can offer you. Will they also sell beans or capsules for your machine? Do they offer a warranty on their machines and regular servicing? These things are often overlooked by people when they choose a coffee machine.

Types Of Coffee Machines

When choosing a coffee machine, it will help to know a little about the different kinds of machines available.

Manual: A manual machine requires a little more skill and experience than an automatic or capsule machine, but allows greater control over the brewing process and the finished product.

These traditional coffee machines are usually used by professionals and coffee artists and are suitable for cafes and amateur baristas.

Capsule: A Capsule machine is quick and simple to use and and wont make a mess in your kitchen. No grinding or other preparation is required, all you have to do is insert the capsule or pod in to the machine and you’re ready to go. Most capsule machines have a wide variety of compatible capsules and making a different flavoured coffee is as simple as inserting a different capsule.

If you’re looking for a coffee machine for home use, a capsule machine is usually a good choice.

Automatic: Automatic or semi-automatic coffee machines can quickly provide a wide range of drink options at the press of a button. Most automatic machines are designed to be very simple to use and have a fast brew time, often with home, office or business applications in mind.

For office use, it’s important to consider power and water requirements before selecting a machine. Size is also important to keep in mind, as many larger automatic machines are quite tall and an overhanging cupboard can get in the way.

For smaller offices that don’t need to produce many cups per day, we recommend the Kalerm Quarza automatic coffee machine, and the Necta Korinto for larger offices that will need to produce many cups per day.

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Things To Consider When Renting A Coffee Machine

Different coffee machines can help you achieve different goals such as cutting expenses or increasing quality. In addition to the different coffee machine leasing arrangements available, there are several factors to consider when choosing the right machine for the job:

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