Saeco Aulika Focus

Rent: $35.00 Per Week
Buy: $1,799.00

The Saeco Aulika Focus coffee machine boasts superior features such as double circuit and conical grinder and is able to produce both coffee and milk-based drinks as well as dispense hot water and steam.  The wide graphic display and interface makes it easy to use and clean.  The Saeco Aulika Focus is hi-tech yet compact and stylish to suit both home and office use.

Product Features

New “Pinless wonder” cappuccinatore for frothing milk.
New “ONE TOUCH” function for milk-based beverage.
Independent hot water/steam wand technology.
Cup warmer and powder option included for the use of pre-ground coffee.
Double-circuit hydraulic system that includes double pump and double boiler.
User interface with graphic display and 8 direct selection buttons.
Ability to make 2 coffee cups simultaneously.
Wide programming menu in the local language.
Option for pre-ground coffee with steel conical blades.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions (W x H x D): 334 x 380 x 452 mm.
Weight: 15 kg.
Power supply: 220-240-120 V/50-60 Hz.
Power consumption: 1400 W.



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