DiP TE3000 Manual Coffee Roaster

Buy: $24,640.00

The TE3000 roaster is ideal for medium-large roasters. Incorporating a system running on only on a single 15AMP power outlet the TE3000 is also perfect for trolly demonstrations or training.

Including all the necessities like the film collector and control panel with digital thermo-regulator + much more.

Roasting from 500 to 2,500 grams of green coffee beans at a time the TE3000 is perfect for larger roasters or the beginner. Using pure hot air to roast the beans to the beans to your liking while saving power and money.

-Roasting Cycle: 15-17 Minuets
-Energy Consumption: 3.8KW Single Phase 230V 50HZ
-Dimensions: 1000WX450DX1020H
-Weight: 71KG
-Full Stainless Steel
-Roasting System: Hot Air
-Film Collector: Incorporated
-Digital Control Panel with thermo-regulator

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